"Working with Dr. Gwen and receivng NSA has really helped me be more grounded in my day to day life.  I make decision from a healthier perspective and this has a direct effect on how well I handle stress.  I have noticed an increase in ability to give presentations at work without tensing up."                                             R. Hugh

"My chiropractic experience has decreased my anxiety symptoms and increased my ability to relax. I have greater energy and enthusiasm. I have also noticed an increase in my ability to cope more effectively with stressful situations at home and work I sleep more peacefully and my wife said that I am much calmer."
Joel Rodriguez

"I started chiropractic two months ago and the changes in my life have been incredible. The difference was noticeable, particularly in the first 3 weeks.

I had tightness in various areas of my spine and the section that affected me the most was by the neck which related to anger, short temper, and nervousness. Those were areas of concern since it seriously affected me and the people in my entourage. After six to eight sessions already, I could definitely see the difference in my temper and stare of mind, and so did my family and friends.

I believe that the changes are not only in the physiological part of my spine and the liberation of the nervous system. Most important are the realizations that this release has brought to my inner persona. It felt as if my soul was unshackled and opened to receiving new awareness, perceptions and comprehensions.

During the initial five to six weeks, numerous conceptions dawned on me about issues that were painting my life. The matters that I had been fighting obstinately or the predicaments that I had a hard time understanding and letting go would suddenly make sense. These developments revealed a deeper understanding of root causes bringing discernments and aha moments.

Gwen's work is life changing and electrifying. I could distinctly feel energy waves from specific points triggered on my legs traveling up through my spine. If I was tensed before a session, I would come out more serene and tranquil.

The place is like a peaceful sanctuary where you can escape the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco and take a break for the day. Gwen never fails to welcome you with a warm smile and professionalism. She emanated kindness and is very diligent in her work, something that is also marked by her finesse and gentle touch during the sessions.

Chiropractic has rocked my world creating changes beyond my expectations."
Roberto Giannicola 

"Network Chiropractic is in my opinion one of the most focused fine-tuned and potent techniques in the alternative healing arena. I do feel that it has had a profound effect on releasing old emotional and physical patterns and “stuck places in the body” and encourages one to move beyond “stuck places” in thinking and lifestyle.

I do feel lighter, clearer and more adept at making the best decisions for my well being, and definitely healthier and stronger. My arm injury is “out” – it is apparent now that it originated in my upper back – my posture has improved, my moods are better (even in the midst of menopause), my balance is better, my level of productivity is up and I am back on track with many of my goals and dreams.

Than you Gwen Jones and Thank You Donny Epstein."
Diana Merrill

"When I started Network Spinal Analysis, I was carrying many years of back pain. I had tried conventional and alternative health paths but none seemed to bring the healing within a reasonable time. With this attitude I started NSA.

I was introduced to a new paradigm. Instead of looking at my back pain as a thing to fix, I started to connect to my body and emotions as a whole. It was not an easy thing to do. Several parts of my body started to call for attention Doctor Gwen 's guidance and encouragement helped me make profound and lasting progress. In lieu of having a health care practitioner work on my body and me being a passive receiver, a very profound partnership between the two was developed.

After the sessions, once I exited the building, I experienced a peculiar feeling of incredible calmness. I felt I was operating at a different frequency than the rest of the world surrounding me. Network Spinal Analysis brought so much science to my life.

In order to receive the full benefit of this kind care, I needed to be willing to go beyond my intellectual understandings of mind/body connection and be open enough to actually experience it in my body.

Doctor Gwen's warmth and affinity to her patients are qualities that I treasure. Dr Gwen's personality and understanding of human development provide a safe and nourishing environment to heal and grow."
Leonardo Ferri 

"I deal with back, neck and stress pain on a daily basis. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and work with wound up nerves as much as I can. When I come to see Dr Gwen and receive and entrainment, I can immediately feel my tension released into a calm, warm, relaxed state throughout my body. It's like the pain and pressure was bound up and then used for healing energy. I am so blessed to have found Dr. Gwen and Network Chiropractic Care. I also feel like I can deal with stress better and process emotion so much quicker since I seen Dr. Gwen."                                                                                                               Nicole Rodriguez