Using the most recent understandings of the nervous system and physics, NSA is a very gentle yet powerful technique that holds the potential of truly transforming a person’s life. Through specific contacts along the spine, patterns of stress that have been locked in the nervous system, keeping one stuck in a state of defense , are able to be released and transformed into fuel for growth.  Many times these patterns go back many years and as they resolve, people begin to discover who they really are and of what they are truly capable. As the hooks of previous events and experiences are removed, many find they develop a sense of empowerment along with a resolution of symptoms.  As the body no longer has to use energy inefficiently to keep old unhealthy memories and patterns alive, there is now more energy left for healing and living.  As the mind opens to new experiences and opportunities, the body also opens ready and willing to jump in and say yes to full participation in life.

Gentle contacts along the spine initiate the removal of interference to the nervous system's tension and function. The brain and spinal cord are one connected unit. The spinal cord, as it passes through the neck and back, is the main conduit for energy relay and coordination from the brain. Vital spinal nerves emanate from the cord, pass through openings between the vertebrae, and relay the life force directed by your innate intelligence. By means of an extensive network of nerves, your innate intelligence (inborn wisdom) coordinates all functions and regenerates and animates all body parts. Every cell of the body is stirred by its reception of vital life energy. Health is a function of the quantity and quality of nerve messages.

Individuals with a clear and flexible nervous system are better able to deal with their life challenges. They adapt to changes more easily and are better able to heal their illnesses and bounce back from injuries. Misalignment of the spinal cord, nerves, and vertebrae can create mechanical tension. This may interfere with the flow of vital life force and the coordination of all life processes. When this occurs, we speak of vertebral subluxation. Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) was developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, who teaches NSA to chiropractors across the nation and throughout the world.

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With alignment, you are at your most
productive, dynamic, and creative level
of performance.

— Donald Epstein D.C.